If you got a postcard…

…thank you for visiting the website. This week I got a message from a school in Hong Kong that is using the second edition of the book which clearly expresses why it is the most effective I.B. economics learning resource available:

“I think the tribute to the workbook is the way the kids have engaged with it – every copy heavily annotated and questions answered.”

It is a book that gives students a wealth of opportunities to learn the definitions, diagrams, concepts and calculations of the course through daily practice. No other book gives students as many chances to grapple with and hone their understanding of the subject.

Ideally, the book should be used in a “flipped classroom” environment where students read the lessons and do the definitions the evening before and then work on the numerical and graphical exercises in class where they can easily call upon their teacher or classmates for assistance. Ashbury College in Ottawa, Canada uses the book in this way and the results have been very positive.

If you would like to learn more about the book, please look at the page above entitled “The Second Edition.” If you would like to download the electronic lessons for the book along with a sample exercise, the page from the teachers’ guide supporting the exercise, and a sample Paper 3-style question, please go to¬†https://gumroad.com/l/qDOE. The download is free.

Again, thank you for coming. I hope you will have a look around the website and that you will be in touch soon with any further questions you might have.

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