Ordering information (for the 1st Edition)

To order copies of Workbook for the New I.B. Economics (ISBN 978 0 9868944 0 4), simply send an email to bryce@brycemcbride.com stating the number of copies you require, your complete postal address, and your preferred method of payment. You can choose to pay by credit card (using the Paypal payments system) or by cheque drawn on either an American or a Canadian bank sent to my address in Canada.

Within North America, single copies and small orders of less than ten books are priced at $20 per copy while class sets of 10 or more books are $15 per copy.

Outside of North America single books and small orders of less than 10 books are $25 per copy while class sets of 10 or more books for $20 per copy. These prices include surface shipping, which may take between 6 weeks and 2 months. For faster service, delivery by air is available at a higher price.

In addition to ordering from me directly, UK customers can order my book through Heath Books in Surrey, Australian customers through Pronin IB or Campion Education, Singaporeans through Title Text Marketing or Teamway Educational Resources, Indians through the Scholar Book Centre in Mumbai, Greeks through Evripidis Books in Athens, Italians through Libreria Venti Settembre in Genova, Poles through Omnibus Trading Company in Poznan, and Colombians through Books and Books in Bogota. As well, and perhaps most conveniently for many schools, my book can also be ordered through International Schools Services (ISS). Lastly (and probably most expensively), it is also available on Amazon.com.

If you are interested in learning about and ordering the 2nd edition of the book (released in July 2013) please go to: http://brycemcbride.com/blog1/the-second-edition/

Even though the second edition of the book has been released, the first edition remains a good option for schools whose students prefer to use a book containing both exercises and lessons. Schools ordering class sets of the first edition are entitled to the book’s solution key (sent electronically as a PDF document) as well as a complimentary copy of the 2nd edition student exercise book.

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