Ordering information (for the 1st Edition)

To order copies of Workbook for the New I.B. Economics (ISBN 978 0 9868944 0 4), simply send an email to bryce@brycemcbride.com stating the number of copies you require, your complete postal address, and your preferred method of payment. You can choose to pay by credit card (using the Paypal payments system) or by cheque drawn on either an American or a Canadian bank sent to my address in Canada.

Within North America, single copies and small orders of less than ten books are priced at $20 per copy while class sets of 10 or more books are $15 per copy.

Outside of North America single books and small orders of less than 10 books are $25 per copy while class sets of 10 or more books for $20 per copy. These prices include surface shipping, which may take between 6 weeks and 2 months. For faster service, delivery by air is available at a higher price.

In addition to ordering from me directly, UK customers can order my book through Heath Books in Surrey, Australian customers through Pronin IB or Campion Education, Singaporeans through Title Text Marketing or Teamway Educational Resources, Indians through the Scholar Book Centre in Mumbai, Greeks through Evripidis Books in Athens, Italians through Libreria Venti Settembre in Genova, Poles through Omnibus Trading Company in Poznan, and Colombians through Books and Books in Bogota. As well, and perhaps most conveniently for many schools, my book can also be ordered through International Schools Services (ISS). Lastly (and probably most expensively), it is also available on Amazon.com.

If you are interested in learning about and ordering the 2nd edition of the book (released in July 2013) please go to: http://brycemcbride.com/blog1/the-second-edition/

Even though the second edition of the book has been released, the first edition remains a good option for schools whose students prefer to use a book containing both exercises and lessons. Schools ordering class sets of the first edition are entitled to the book’s solution key (sent electronically as a PDF document) as well as a complimentary copy of the 2nd edition student exercise book.

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  1. Seth Tyler says:


    I am an IB Economics teacher at the International School of Helsinki, and I would like to place an order for a single copy of your book along with the solutions to the exercises (if they are available).

    They book may be sent to:

    International School of Helsinki
    c/o Economics dept.
    Selkämerenkatu 11

    The preferred method of payment is bank transfer.

    Best regards,
    Seth Tyler
    IB Economics & Mathematics
    International School of Helsinki

  2. Alice Temnick says:

    I am an IB Economics teacher in Cave Creek AZ and would like to order a book with solutions (after review I may place an order for a class set for next school year). Thanks so much.
    Alice Temnick
    5232 E. Thunder Hawk Rd.
    Cave Creek, AZ 85331

    I will pay with MasterCard.

  3. Administrator says:

    Seth and Alice, thank-you for your comments/orders. If you would like to order books more privately, though, please just write to me at the email address indicated in the first paragraph above.
    Seth, your book was mailed from Oman on November 23rd, so you should be receiving it any time now, if it has not already been delivered.

  4. Mike McDonald says:

    I am an IB Economics teacher in Guangzhou, China and would like to order a book with solutions (after review I may place an order for a class set for next school year). Thanks so much.
    Mike McDonald

    School Postal Address:

    Utahloy International School,
    800 Sha Tai Bei Lu,
    Bai Yun District,
    PR China

    I will pay with MasterCard.

  5. Kyle King says:

    Hi Bryce,

    I have been very happy with your online resources, thus I would like to purchase the book with solutions. I would like to pay with visa. Thanks for the contribution!

    My address is:

    Carlucci American International School
    c/o Kyle King
    Rua Antonio dos Reis, 95
    Linho, Sintra 2710-301

    • Administrator says:

      Dear Kyle,

      Thank you for your kind words and interest in the book. I will get a copy of the book off to you in early September and will send you the solutions key by email once the book is in the post.


  6. Valerie Burnick says:

    Hi Bryce,
    I am an IB Economics teacher at the International school of Boston, I would like to order one book + solutions. After review, I may place an order for my students next year.
    Thanks for the contribution !
    I will pay using Visa.
    The school address is :
    International school of Boston
    C/O Valerie Burnick
    45 Matignon Road
    Cambridge, MA 02140

  7. Eustuce Makumbe says:

    Dear Bryce,

    Am an IB Economics and Business teacher at the Amsterdam International Community school. I would like to order a copy of your book and the solutions that go with it.



    • Administrator says:

      Dear Makumbe,
      Thanks for your note. Are you looking for the first edition of the book? If so, I would like to direct you to Richard Heath at Heath Books in the UK as I have stopped sending books from Oman, as it is prohibitively expensive to send single copies of the book overseas from Canada. However, I know he has sent books to the continent from the UK in the past without incurring high postal charges.
      As I will soon be printing the second edition which, as it will contain only the exercises (the lessons being available online) will weigh less than 500g and so will be much less expensive to send to schools overseas, another option might be wait a month or so and receive the updated book. If you would like to wait and get a copy of the second edition workbook, please send me an email to bryce@brycemcbride.com.
      All the best,


    I would like to purchase the book for P3 economics. Payment via prepaid card. Preferably downloadable pdf!
    For the time being, I would like to buy one single copy only.

  9. Robert Patterson says:

    I would like to purchase one class set of 12 books, one teacher’s edition and one book of solutions.
    My address
    Robert Patterson
    Trinity Episcopal School
    3850 Pittaway Drive
    Richmond, Virginia USA 23235

    I will pay with a Mastercard.
    Bob Patterson

    • Administrator says:

      Dear Robert,

      Thank you for your order. I will write you in a moment via email to confirm which edition you would like.


  10. Hetal Gandhi says:

    Hello Bryce,

    I have just ordered the Economics Workbook based on the recommendation of a fellow teacher at a School in Mumbai

    Could you please send me the key for solutions to the exercises in the book above?

    • Administrator says:

      Dear Hetal,
      Thank you for your message. I will send you the solutions key in a moment. I hope you and your students will benefit from the exercises in the book. I would, though, encourage you to download the lessons from the second edition (see the page entitled ‘The Second Edition’) as the lessons on market failure and the balance of payments in the updated edition reflect the current syllabus much better than the lessons in the first edition.
      All the best,

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