Additional Exercises

Below find a list of additional numerical exercises listed in the order in which most teachers will likely cover the course. I have uploaded the exercises as word documents to make it easier for you to amend them to suit your needs. If you have any questions with any of the exercises please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Material Posted in January 2015

Reading Quiz – Lesson 4, History of Economic Thought

Economics Quiz 1 2014

Markets Review Worksheet

Markets Quiz

Material Posted in 2011/2012


Extra Practice – supply and demand diagrams

Taxes, Subsidies and Price Controls Practice

Analysis Practice – Subsidies and Minimum Prices

Practice Analysis Question – Cigarette Taxes


Elasticity Quiz

Questions to accompany articles on market failure

Theory of the Firm Test Pt 1 – Costs and PC

Theory of the Firm Short Answer Questions

Quickie Quiz – Measurement, Development and AS&AD

Macro Quiz – Measurement, Business Cycle and AS and AD

Data Response Question – US Stimulus

Data Response Question – Oman’s Policy Response to Inflation

Data Response Question – Russian Meat Imports

Data Response Question – Duties on Glossy Paper Imports

Data Response Question – Canadian Current Account Deficit Widens

Data Response Question – US Dollar Slump to Continue

Data Response Question – Venezuelan Devaluation

Further Currency Diagram Practice Questions – Australia

Marshall Lerner Condition andTerms of Trade Worksheet

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