The Second Edition

The second edition of “Workbook for the New I.B. Economics” was published in July 2013, and has been adopted by schools around the world. A freely available online PDF of textbook lessons supports both the printed exercise book and printed teachers’ guide.

Product Information

1. The lessons (ISBN 978-0-9868944-4-2) may be downloaded for free from the Gumroad website at

If you would like to preview the lessons before downloading your own copy, you may look at my own download here:

Workbook for the New I.B. Economics Second Edition Lessons March 2014

However, if you do decide to use the lessons in your teaching, I would ask that you take the time to download your personalized copy from the Gumroad website as it will allow me to better communicate with you concerning changes to the book and additional offerings.

2. The accompanying exercises (ISBN 978-0-9868944-3-5) and the teachers’ guide (ISBN 978-0-9868944-5-9) are both sold as printed books.

Pricing Information (inclusive of tracked surface postage via Canada Post)

Outside of North America: For small orders of less than 15 copies, each book of exercises is $28. For larger orders of more than 15 books, the cost falls to $22 per copy. Teachers’ guides are $30 per copy. Air mail delivery (with tracking) is also available at a higher price for schools unable to wait 4-6 weeks for delivery. I encourage all schools to order their books before the summer holidays as this will allow orders to be delivered in time for the beginning of the fall term.

Within North America: For small orders of less than 10 copies, each book of exercises is $20. For larger orders of more than 10 books, the cost falls to $17 per copy. Teachers’ guides are $25 per copy.

Ordering Information

Please send an email to stating the number of copies of the exercise books and teachers’ guides you require as well as the complete postal address to which you would like the books sent. Payment can be made either by cheque drawn on a North American bank or by credit card processed over the Paypal payments platform.

If you are in Europe, you may prefer to order the books through Richard Heath’s IB Bookshop, while if you are in Australia, you may prefer to order the book through Pronin IB. Most conveniently, the book may also be ordered through International Schools Services, IB Source or in the U.S.

Schools using the book

Since July 2013, class sets of Workbook for the New I.B. Economics, 2nd Edition, Exercises and teachers’ guides have been ordered from Croecko Publishing directly by the following schools. Schools which have ordered class sets from or Richard Heath’s I.B. Bookshop (or from book distributors in Australia, India, China, Hong Kong and Singapore to whom I have sent books) are not listed.

King George V School, Hong Kong

Trinity Episcopal School, Richmond, USA

Ashbury College, Ottawa, Canada

Marymount International School, Rome, Italy

Australian International School, Hong Kong

Ivanhoe Grammar School, Melbourne, Australia

Sir Wilfred Laurier Collegiate Institute, Scarborough, Canada

Overseas Family School, Singapore

Victoria Shanghai Academy, Hong Kong

Australian International School, Singapore

British International School of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dubai American Academy, Dubai, U.A.E.

American International School of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School, Oakville, Canada

International School Het Rijnlands, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands

International School of Panama, Panama

Taejon Christian International School, Daejon, Korea

Cave Creek Unified School District, Scottsdale, USA

Raha International School, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai, India

Seisen International School, Tokyo, Japan

Heritage High School, Saginaw, USA

International School of Uganda, Kampala, Uganda

Guelph Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Guelph, Canada

GEMS World Academy, Dubai, U.A.E.

15 Responses to The Second Edition

  1. Alric Chong says:

    Dear Bryce,
    Do let me know when the 2nd edition is available.

    • Administrator says:

      Sure thing! If I don’t, though – it should be ready by late April, so just check back to the website in early May as I will post when I have them printed and ready to ship.


  2. Ms. Jinal says:

    Hi Bryce,

    Wanted to know when will the 2nd edition edition of Workbook for the New I.B. Economics will be available. I wanted to place the order for the same.
    Do let me know at the earliest.

    Ms. Jinal

    • Administrator says:

      Dear Ms Jinal,

      Thank you for your note. I am this week finishing the edits and should have the final draft to the printer next week. If all goes well, I should have the books in my hands by early to mid-June.

      I will be sure to let you know when they are printed and ready to ship.

      All the best,

  3. rupesh solgaonkar says:

    Hi Bryce,

    I would like to order copies of 2nd edition edition of your Workbook for the New I.B. Economics with teacher copy and solutions.
    Also wanted to confirm as stated above are there three different books under Hybrid version.
    How shall I place order and execute payment. Please let me know at the earliest.
    Delivery : Madhya Pradesh (India)

    Rupesh Solgaonkar

    • Administrator says:

      Dear Rupesh,
      Thank you for your note. Yes, the 2nd edition has three components – freely available online lessons, printed exercise books, and a printed teachers’ guide with solutions key.

      To place an order, just send me an email at with stating your complete postal address and the number of copies of the exercise book and teachers’ guide you require. It is easiest to pay by credit card once I know the shipping costs. As an estimate, for class set quantities, the shipping cost (airmail with tracking) should be around $8 per copy, making the total cost per copy around $20.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  4. Rachel Shin says:

    Dear Mr.McBride,

    I would like to purchase the 2nd edition excercise book and just wondering
    if it also includes answer keys within the book, just like the teacher’s guide and solution book, which I cannot make a purchase since you mentioned it’s only available for more than 10 sets of order.

    Also, to place my order, should I just inform my postal address and quantity of the book by sending you an email?

    Kind Regards,

    • Administrator says:

      Dear Rachel,
      Yes, the exercise book has selected answers in the back to help guide your study. Further, the worked solutions to the 4 sections of Paper 3 style questions are available as a download from for just $5- just search my name and you will see the document (I only have three documents available via Gumroad – the lessons for the second edition, the Paper 3 exercises and worked solutions from the second edition, and a set of 4 lessons looking at the current global financial crisis).
      To place your order, just send me an email with your postal address and the quantity of books you require. I will invoice you for the books via Paypal (you can pay via credit card) and then I will send you the books.
      All the best,

  5. Rachna Saran says:

    Hi Bryce,

    Wish to buy one each of the exercise book and the solutions. Plan to use them as reference books in the current academic year before I order for the class next year. I am located in India – New Delhi and the books have to be ordered by the school. The prices are $28 and $30. Request you to please confirm the prices and the publisher to enable me to place the order.


    • Administrator says:

      Dear Rachna,

      Thank you for your post. I am happy to confirm that your prices are correct, but I regret to inform you that I am restricting sale of the teachers’ guides to schools that order class sets (usually ten copies or more) of the student exercise books.
      That said, as the student exercise book features the answers to selected questions in the back, a copy of the exercise book should still give you a good idea of the books usefulness and will, I am sure, lead you to order copies for your students for next year.

      All the best,

  6. sakhvir lawrence says:

    we would like to order 21 copies plus 1 answer 2nd edition of this title -Workbook for the new I.B. Economics.could you please direct me for this.

    • Administrator says:

      Hello Sakhvir,

      Thank you for your message. To order, just send me an email (to letting me know your full postal address and I will send the books to you along with an invoice payable by credit card.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon,


  7. Ian Ostrom says:

    Hi Bryce,

    Do you have a sample chapter of the exercises so I can see the depth and quantity of exercises?


    • Administrator says:

      Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your comment. If you go to you can download (for free) 5 documents that include the answer key to the book’s paper 3 exercises as well as a sample Paper 3 exercise, a sample exercise, the answer key for that exercise, and the lessons. Altogether they should give you a good idea about the resource.
      Best wishes,

  8. Richard says:

    How may I acquire a teachers edition for the student workbooks? I have recently ordered a class set of books from Thanks

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