The book’s intended use

I am writing today to explain why I am only selling teachers’ guides along with class sets of at least 10 copies of the student exercise book.

1. The book is intended to be used as a consumable student workbook. The very affordable class set price of $22 per copy to overseas addresses reflects this. When used in conjunction with the free online lessons the book is the best learning tool for I.B. economics available. Your students will benefit greatly from being issued their own copy at the beginning of the course and using it throughout the two-year program.

2. However, if you don’t have the budget to buy copies for your students every year, it is fine to use the book as a class text and reissue it to each new cohort of students and have them answer the problems in their notebooks. I understand that some schools have tight budgets that leave teachers with few options.

3. However, what I am not prepared to support is teachers using the book as a photocopy master. If the book is good enough to use with your students, it is good enough to purchase for your students. As the cost to photocopy the exercises in the book would be about the same as the $22 purchase price, it just doesn’t make sense to make photocopies, especially if you take into account time spent at the photocopier.

I hate to be a nag, but it is useful to be reminded that significant time, effort and money went into producing Workbook for the New I.B. Economics, 2nd Edition. When you choose to purchase the book, you are honouring that fact and making it possible for me to continue to produce useful and affordable educational materials. Thank you for your support.

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