The lessons directly

To make it easier for people to have a look at the lessons for Workbook for the New I.B. Economics, 2nd Edition I am placing the PDF directly on the website both on the page entitled “The Second Edition” and here:

Workbook for the New I.B. Economics Second Edition Lessons March 2014

However, if after having had a look at the lessons you decide that you will be using them in either your teaching or your learning, I would ask that you download your own personalized copy (ie with your own name stamped on the top right corner of the first page) from…

…where you will receive not just a PDF of lessons but also sample pages from the student exercise book and teachers’ guide. While Gumroad asks you to provide credit card information before you can download the file, the file itself is free – $0. The benefit of your downloading the file from Gumroad is that I will be able to contact you if I make necessary changes to the book or if I make additional resources available.

If you are a teacher and want to download the file and then share it with your students on an internal file server to save them the bother of downloading their own files that is fine as I will still be able to contact you through Gumroad to pass on information to your students.

Thank you for your support.


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