First Edition Books Still Available

While there are only a few dozen copies of the second edition workbook still available from Richard Heath’s IB Bookshop in the UK (and, as of today, a single copy available on, I still have about 500 copies of the first edition workbook available in my warehouse here in Canada.
If, as was the case in most schools, you fear that the move to distance learning made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in some important concepts and skills not being learnt adequately, I would recommend that you consider distributing the workbook to students as a learning and revision aid.

While the focus this year will understandably be on getting students in IB1 off to a good start under the new syllabus, don’t forget to ensure also that your IB2 students have everything they need to do well in their exams in May and November.

Orders of the book will come with a printed list of corrections as well as an electronic copy of the quantitative exercises

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