All the best for 2018-19

Special back-to-school offer!

First edition books are now available for $5 plus shipping (which, for surface mail, should only cost 2 to 3 dollars per copy in North America or 6 to 7 dollars per copy worldwide).

If you are looking for a resource to improve your students’ understanding of the concepts and tools of I.B. economics, please send an email to me at This was the first workbook written for the more quantitative economics syllabus. Unlike other books from other publishers, it remains the only one which doesn’t resort to multiple choice questions but instead emphasises diagram analysis and evaluation questions.

Orders of more than 15 copies will also receive a complimentary copy of the second edition workbook and teachers’ guide. Copies of the second edition book are also available at the prices listed on All the best for a great 2018-2019 school year!

On a final note, my two latest articles, Corruption, Money and the Banks and Trade Deficits and the American Empire are now available on the “Articles” page.

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