If you got a postcard…

…thank you for coming by for a visit. Please feel free to have a look around the site. Information related to the 2nd edition of the book is found on the page listed above entitled “The Second Edition.”

The first edition of the book (published in April, 2011) was also written for the current syllabus and might be more appropriate for schools where students do not have laptops or tablets with which to access the online lessons that support the second edition exercise book.

One last thing that I did not put on the postcard which I would like to make people aware of is the possibility of ordering the book through International Schools Services (I.S.S.). I have found both I.S.S. and Richard Heath’s IB Bookshop to be excellent distributors and I would encourage schools to use their services. Of course, it is also possible to order books directly by emailing me at bryceATbrycemcbride.com.

Thank you again for visiting, and please accept my best wishes as you prepare your students for their exams in May.


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