The books have arrived…

The Second Edition

The Second Edition

I received the exercise books from the printer today (and the teachers’ guides a couple of weeks ago), and should be able to make the electronic lessons available later this week. I would like to thank my wonderful graphic designer, Marisa Scaramella, and the fabulous team at Marquis Imprimeur for all of their help.

Due to a concessionary small business postal rate offered by Canada Post, I will be able to have a book in a student’s hands most places in the world for around $20 if the book is ordered as part of a class set of 20 books or more. For more information about ordering the book, please go to the page entitled “The Second Edition.”

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  1. Joe Sweeney says:

    Hi Bryce,

    I plan to order copies of your workbook for my school and would like to send a check to you, but I don’t have an address. Could you send it to me as soon as possible. Thanks.

    Joe Sweeney
    Marymount International School of Rome

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