Latest Column and 2nd Edition Update

Due to some changes to do with the ownership structure of the printer I employ (ex-Transcontinental, now Marquis) there has been a further slight delay, however I should have the books ready to ship by the end of June or early July.

So, again, if you would like to look at an inspection copy of the new edition, send me an email to with your full postal address, the number of copies you require, and your preferred method of payment (cheque drawn on a North American bank or credit card). Note that the teachers’ guide with the full solution key will only be made available to those schools ordering class sets of the student book. If you plan on taking your summer vacation in North America, I would be happy to mail your copy to your summer address in order to save you postal costs.

As well, my most recent column from the June 8th edition of the Pembroke Daily Observer, which deals with the disconnect between the headline economic data from the stock and bond markets and the underlying health of the real economy as captured by employment and income statistics can be read here:

Fake it til you make it

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