The second edition is almost finished!

I would like to thank those teachers who have written asking about the second edition for their patience. As I should by now expect, some unexpected delays have pushed back the publication date to late May. However, I am pleased to say that the finished book of exercises will be 188 pages long and will be available from early June. If you would like to pre-order an inspection copy (or a class set of student copies) I would invite you to send an email to stating:

1. The number of copies you would like

2. The postal address to which you would like them sent, and

3. Your preferred method of payment (either by credit card or by cheque drawn on a Canadian or American bank)

The cost will be $12 per copy plus airmail postage charges via Canada Post. To help you estimate the cost of postage for boxes of books, please go to:

…keeping in mind that each individual book will measure 29 cm long, 22 cm wide and about a cm thick and will weigh around 450 g. As individual copies weigh less than 500 g, if you would like to estimate the postage for an inspection copy, please go to:

If you plan on coming to Canada or the U.S. during the summer holidays, I would be happy to send books to your North American address to cut down on postage costs.

The teachers’ guide is priced at $20 per copy plus postage. I am restricting the sale of the teachers’ guide to schools ordering class sets of the book as the answers to selected exercises will be included in the student book.

Thanks again for your patience. I will be sure to let you know when the books are delivered  and ready to ship.


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