HL Paper 3 Quantitative Exercises and Worked Solutions…

…are now available for $3 on the Gumroad website, which can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

HL Paper 3 Quantitative Exercises and Worked Solutions

I used Gumroad as it supported PDF files. Most EPUB formats require a complete reformatting of the source files, during which all the graphs and tables would have been rendered completely unrecognizable. As I wanted to put this up sooner rather than later I opted to release the files in this way for now but may release them on the Amazon and Apple platforms in the near future if I can figure out a way to resolve the formatting issue.

I would ask that you respect the copyright provisions stated at the beginning of the document. I have priced the e-book at $3 in order to make the download both easily affordable and less expensive than making a photocopy.

These 53 pages of questions and worked solutions will be a part of the upcoming 2nd edition of Workbook for the New I.B. Economics that is to be published in April, 2013. I decided to release these questions separately in order to make an additional resource available for students taking their exams in May.

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