The shape of things to come…

I am now truly engaged in revising the book, and have been fortunate to have had some very good conversations with people using the book (notably the E.S.F. folks in Hong Kong) that have led me to decide to change the format for the second edition.

While I will continue to have first edition books available for sale for at least the remainder of this academic year (I still have 1000 or so available for delivery) I will, for the second edition, separate the lessons from the exercises and only print up the exercises and the teachers’ guide/solutions key as actual, honest-to-goodness books. The lessons, meanwhile, will be freely available on this website.

My goal is to have these new, stripped down but greatly improved workbooks and teachers’ guides available for shipping in early 2013 in time for exam revision.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions concerning ways in which you think the book could be improved, though, I would very much appreciate it if you could send me an email.

Thank-you for your support and your patience.

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