Solutions up to page 86 sent out today

Today I sent the solutions for the exercises on pages 1 through 86 out to teachers using the book with students as well as to some individuals. I will be finishing the solutions for the entire book over the next couple of weeks at which time I will send them out to everyone who has ordered copies. If you would like the solutions that were sent today but have not received them, please write to me at and I will send them to you right away.

I will continue to get exercises and model answers up on the website over the next few weeks as well. My goal is to have the book completely supported by the end of October so please check in once in a while to see what’s new. Thank you for your patience.

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2 Responses to Solutions up to page 86 sent out today

  1. Geovanni Solis. says:

    I teach IB-Economics HL and SL at Lincoln School, Costa Rica and we purchased the book. Therefore, I need your extra material (answers).
    Thanks and may God be with you.
    Kind regards,
    Geovanni Solis.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for writing – I sent you the solutions earlier today. I hope you (and your students) are enjoying the book.

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